Our Sink EDM filter Range is based on 4 Sizes:
6"; 10"; 12"and 13" diameter and a total of 21 different versions.

With this range we can cover almost all the Machines from European and Far East production.

We use Cellulose based media with a filtration finess ranging form 10µm up to 25µm; we offer also a 1-2 µm
meltblown composite cellulose + nonwowen media for special application

We offer also a plate filter that is made out of 100% natural non recicled Cellulose pulp in order to ensure 
maximum stability and reliability filtration performances.

ES06 (150 mm) ES10 (260 mm) ES12 (300 mm) ES13 (340 mm)
-099 -110 -118 -118
-099A -110A -197 -118A
-118 -110B -197A -118B
-118A -134 -198  
-136 -134A    
-140 -134B    

Copy of our EDM Filters Catalogue can be downloaded from this page.

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