In order to comply with the requirements of extreme dusty enviroments like minig, harversting and defense  we can provide solution to increase the service life of the air cleaner based on centrifugal technology. We offer solution with and without scavenging. The systems use different types of tubes according the requiremens and space availability.

With this solutions we can reach up to 96% pre- separation efficiency with scavenging and 90% without. Information based of ISO Coarse Test Dust. We  can build tailored made solution and we can fullfill the arshest requirements.

The frames can be made out of steel, alluminum, stainless steel or hybrid. Some pictures show solution arleady built. Graphs about performances and separation efficiency are available on request

Here below some solution ready made.

An External pre separator on a John Deere Tractor  
Solution for Komatsu 375A Dozer  


The pictures shows the pre-separator fitted on a Donaldson FRG Air Cleaner


Solution for a Komatsu HD 785: a single unit with 138 tubes serve 3 Donaldson Air Cleaners.

This solution is without scavenging and requires periodical dust collector emptying. A similar verison assited by an electrical scvenging fan is also available.


Here a tailored made solution for the defense market that use of the shelf air filter elements and an integrated pre separation system. The dust extraction is here acheived using a high perfoming scavenging blower.


We can offer a complete solution according customer requirement and we are able to comply with all the current specifications.


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