Modern Industrial Engines require Blow By gas recirculation system in order to reduce pollution, reduce oil consumption, protect the turbocharger and comply with the enviromental regulation.

The ProVent® family is setting the standard for crankcase ventilation.

The major advantages are:

• Highly efficient oil separation through high performance media
• Excellent protection for the turbocharger and components fitted downstream
• Integrated safety feature against irregularly high crankcase pressure
• Low installation height to oil level possible through low pressure drop
• Lower engine oil consumption in comparison to less efficient separators or to conventional open systems without an oil separator
• Easy to service through quick access and protection against incorrect insertion of replacement element
• Suitable for universal use with different flow rates
• Excellent flexibility for choice of installation position and ports
• Compact and light design, but robust
• No auxiliary power required
• Extremely reliable also at low temperatures
• Very low running costs
• All ProVent® products are suitable for use with open or closed crankcase ventilation

The Provent Range cover engines with output up to 1250 KW  (1675 HP)


Provent Dimensioning  


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