Hi-Pro Filtration Range in our Product Portfolio

Starting in September, we have enriched our product portfolio with the Hy-Pro Filtration range, which is characterized by a series of solutions aimed at dehydrating oil and diesel fuel filtration.
The latter in particular with on the one hand the ever-increasing presence of biofuels and on the other, the high sophistication of the injection systems has become one of the fluids that require the greatest performances of the filtration units.

The Hy-Pro Filtration range includes:

Vacuum Dehydrators, 
Diesel and Turbine Oil Coalescers, 
Soluble Varnish Removal Systems, 
Filter Element Upgrades, Filter Assemblies, 
Filter Carts, Skids & Panels 
And much more!

We are available to examine and take care of any of your needs and to formulate with the support of the mother company the best proposal that meets your needs.