Changes on our EDM Filter Elements

On all EW10- EW-13-; ES10- and ES13- series filters;  the outer mantel will no longer be produced out of a perforated welded plate but it will be made from a perforated and spiral stapled sheet which will guarantee greater robustness and a total absence of edges or burrs on both sides, outside and inside of the cage.


The operating economy of the erosion machines requires the maximum use of the filter elements.
To improve the mechanical resistance, new filter media are introduced with a base containing 20% ​​polyester to replace the current ones with pure cellulose base.
At the same time as the introduction of the new filter media, new-generation polyurethane-based adhesives will be used suitably optimized to improve adhesiveness.
These changes guarantee our products an even better performance, long service intervals and always optimal operation.